Poison Is Not Polite

Poison Is Not PoliteBy Robin Stevens

It’s 1935 and 14-year-old Daisy Wells has returned from boarding school to her British country estate for the holidays.  This year, her best friend, Hazel Wong, has accompanied her.

Although Hazel is from Hong Kong, she attends school in Britain.  Because it’s 1935, she is one of very few Asian people to be known by the British upper classes.  Hazel is always aware that she is different from those around her.

Yet Hazel fits in with the other British girls perfectly.  Not only are she and Daisy best friends, but they have also started the Wells and Wong Detective Society after solving a murder in a previous book.

This holiday they will celebrate Daisy’s birthday.  As the partygoers arrive, Daisy and Hazel size them up.  There’s Aunt Saskia, who seems overly excited by valuables of any kind.  There’s Uncle Felix, who has some strange connections in law enforcement.  Lord and Lady Hastings, Daisy’s parents, are also there, arguing all the time.  Then there’s Mr. Curtis, who seems a little too friendly with Lady Hastings.  Also present are Miss Alston, the governess, as well as other servants and friends.

When one of the guests turns up dead, Wells and Wong are determined to solve the case, even if it puts them in danger.

This story is very British, filled with High Tea, hedge mazes and boarding schools.  It reminds me of the game Clue, where everyone is a potential suspect.  Hazel and Daisy must work their way through the clues, slowly ruling out suspects until the big finale.

For those who like a good murder mystery, this book is highly recommended!