Safe As Houses

Safe As Houses   by Eric Walters

How would you feel if you were home with a babysitter during a rainstorm when the city started to flood?  Would you be scared?  Would you wonder when your parents were getting home?  On October 15th, 1954, this is exactly what happens to David and Suzie and their babysitter, Lizzie.

David and Suzie live near the river in Weston, Ontario.  At first it seems like just an ordinary day – Lizzie picks them up after school and walks them home.  But things change when the backyard starts to flood and David and Suzie’s parents call to say they can’t make it home through the flooded streets.

Lizzie has to stay with the kids overnight, which shouldn’t be too difficult.  But things get a bit frightening when the power goes out and the phone goes dead.  When David wakes up during the night, he discovers that the water has invaded the house. With no parents around to help them, how will they escape?

Safe As Houses is based on true events and is full of suspense and action.  Readers will wonder if they could be as brave as the children in this story given similar circumstances.