Scary Stories for Young Foxes

Scary Stories for Young FoxesBy Christian McKay HeidickerOn a chilly autumn night, seven little foxes are eager to hear some scary stories.  But the old storyteller lives over in Bog Cavern and they are not allowed to go.  After waiting for their mother to fall asleep, seven little foxes sneak out into the night, and prepare to be scared.So begins Scary Stories for Young Foxes.  What follows are a series of stories about other fox kits.  Each story sends one of the original seven foxes home, too scared to listen to any more. One story tells of the evil Mr. Scratch, who would kill the runt of his own litter.  Another tells of the cruel Miss Beatrix Potter (yes, the children’s author), who kidnaps young foxes and other animals, writes a story about them and then has them stuffed.  Another tells of the lovely teacher Miss Vix, who gets bitten by another fox and succumbs to the terrible “yellow”, also known as rabies.But heroes emerge from these stories as well.  Mia and Uly are both fox kits who get separated from the safety of their mothers.  If they band together, they may just manage to defeat the evil forces that are alive in the woods.If you love to be a little bit scared, try Scary Stories for Young Foxes.  This book would be especially great on a dark and stormy night!