Tell Me Three things


  Tell Me Three Things by Julie Bauxbaum

       Just as 16 year old Jessie begins to feel like her life is returning to normal after her mom’s death, her father announces he has remarried and sweeps her off to California to live with his new wife!

     Jessie’s new school is a prestigious prep school where all the girls are tall, skinny, blonde haired and blue eyed – everything Jessie is not.  Needless to say, as Jessie finds it difficult to make new friends, with even her new step brother ignoring her, she feels isolated and alone.

   One night, she receives an email from someone who identifies himself as a school mate who knows who she is and understands the difficulty she is having making friends and fitting in. He offers to help her with some insider tips. Jessie is skeptical at first, wondering if this is a prank and turns down the help. However, after some time passes and she really feels like she is out of options, Jessie decides to take this mysterious friend up on his  offer.

     Through their emails, chats and texts, their relationship grows, sharing their insecurities and things they haven’s hared with anyone else. Jessie begins to feel at home in her new school and eventually she really wants to know who this person is.

     This is a great story of finding friendship where you least expect it and learning to fit into a new environment while being true to yourself.