Ten Thousand Skies Above You

Ten Thousand Skies Above Youby Claudia GrayIn book 2 of the Firebird Series, Claudia Gray continues the cross-dimensional adventures of Marguerite Caine as she tries to save Paul from the person she now knows to be the real enemy. Marguerite and her family are coming to terms with all that has happened in A Thousand Pieces of You, and are learning to deal with the consequences, especially for Theo. In order to help Theo recover, Paul heads off to the multiverse to look for a cure. When he doesn’t return as expected, Marguerite is forced to make a deal with Conley to try and save him, one piece at a time. His soul has been splintered and lies scattered across multiple universes leaving him with no memory of Marguerite’s Paul, or of Marguerite. As Margeurite and Theo travel into the multiple dimensions they encounter new, alternate worlds and within them, alternate versions of themselves. As they gather the pieces of Paul, while trying to keep Triad at bay, Marguerite begins to question her belief in destiny and fate as she sees how things aren’t as she always believed they would be – no matter what.This book is as fast paced and action packed as book 1, and leaves you hanging and desperate for book 3 (A Million Worlds With You). Fortunately, all three books are out now, so you don’t have to wait!