The 100

By Kass MorganI have been watching the T.V series connected to this novel from the first episode. I was excited when the library received the novel hoping to compare. I was very surprised to read and discover that while there are similarities there are even more differences. Character’s names and occupations are different and the plot line has changed. Even with all of the differences I really enjoyed The 100 the novel. With this novel readers will get a better picture of the Arc and it’s workings. I feel that readers will also enjoy getting to know some of their favourite characters, with chapters written from different points of view and flash backs galore. Kass Morgan takes us to a place three centuries into the future. The only known survivors of the human race are now living as a colony in space. Resources and supplies are low so any crimes are punishable by death unless the criminal is under 18 wherein they are put into jail, until recently. The Chancellor of this space colony has decided that it is time to see if Earth is safe and inhabitable; he has chosen 100 young criminals and sent them down. Will the space station survive? Is Earth safe? Is there other life, human life, on Earth? Pick up this book today to find out for yourself.