The Accidental Highwayman

The Accidental Highwayman: being the tale of Kit Bristol, his horse Midnight, a mysterious princess, and sundry magical persons besides.By Ben TrippReaders are taken to eighteenth-century England and into the life of Kit Bristol. He is a simple servant of a nobleman, or so he thinks. One day when his master arrives home Kit is brought into a world of highway robbery, magic and mystery. The full title of this book tells us a lot about what to expect. When his master arrives home, badly bleeding, after another one of his outings; Kit dawns his masters garb and ventures off into the night.This is a new take on fairy tales and is filled with every aspect of the fantasy world. There is romance, intrigue, and some humor for good measure. I particularly enjoyed the vocabulary, accents and vernacular of some of the characters. Some are comparing this book to the Princess Bride, while I would not go that far I would say there are elements that are similar.