The Darkest Dark

The Darkest DarkBy Chris Hadfield

Have you ever been afraid of the dark?  

Chris Hadfield has.

Lying in the dark, Chris thinks of all kinds of scary things, especially aliens.  He has many sleepless night in his family’s cottage on Stag Island in Ontario.  He keeps his parents awake too, and they are getting pretty frustrated.

But everything changes on the evening of July 20, 1969.  That’s the night that Chris goes to a neighbour’s house to crowd around the only TV on the whole island.  And that’s the night that he sees the first human being land on the moon.

The dark of space is really dark.  But space is beautiful too.  Seeing the deep dark that surrounds the moon changes something inside Chris.  And the dark doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Of course, Chris Hadfield would go on to become one of the most well-known Canadian astronauts in history.  At the back of the book there is a little biography and some pictures of a real-life Chris.

Illustrated by the Fan brothers, The Darkest Dark will take you into Where-The-Wild-Things-Are darkness and rocket you all the way to the moon!  

 A great read aloud for 4-8-year-olds.