The Grand Plan to Fix Everything

The Grand Plan to Fix Everythingby Krishnaswami, Uma Dini and Maddie have a lot in common and are the best of friends.  Dini introduces Maddie to Bollywood movies and they both are great fans of the beautiful singer/actress Dolly Singh. Dini views her life as though she is a director with a script in-hand. Suddenly Dini’s mother announces that the family is moving to India for two years because of her new dream job. At first the two friends are devastated, but then they start to hope that Dini may get to meet Dolly in person while in India. What a plot turn that would be! Dini writes Dolly a letter, even though she does not have Dolly’s address, hoping that it will reach her regardless with a little luck and a few extra stamps. In a series of coincidences worthy of any Bollywood movie, Dini manages not only to meet Dolly, but also to help her favourite star out. This book is a fun girly read, with humor and bubbly characters that shed youthful insights on friendship, moving, Bollywood and Indian culture.  Recommended Reading: Ages 9-12