The Secret of White Stone Gate

The Secret of White Stone Gate By Julia Nobel

Thirteen-year-old Emmy Willick is back at Wellsworth, a prestigious British boarding school, for her second year.  She is thrilled to be back with best friends Jack and Lola, but is also concerned about what the year will bring.  

During Emmy’s first year at the school, she discovered that her father, who has been absent her entire life, is a target of the Order of Black Hollow Lane, a secret society with ties to Wellsworth.  This connection put her and her friends in grave danger.

Emmy has demonstrated to the Order that she has no knowledge of her father’s whereabouts, and doesn’t have anything they want.  She thinks she and her friends will now be safe.

As school resumes, Emmy, Lola and Jack volunteer to run a charity fundraiser.  When money goes missing, fingers are pointed at Lola, who is then expelled.  Lola moves to a new school in King’s Lynn, but soon becomes the victim of bullying and harassment.  Could all of this be tied to the Order?

As the story progresses, Emmy learns that many students at the school are not what they seem, and that she and her friends are still targets.  Can Emmy, Jack and Lola really stop the powerful Order from gaining more power?

The Secret of White Stone Gate is a fantastic mystery that brings in the British boarding school element (think Harry Potter).  Highly recommended (but read The Mystery of Black Hollow Lanefirst!)