The Truth About Nature: A Family’s Guide to 144 Common Myths about the Great Outdoors

The Truth About Natureby Stacy Tornio     Organized by season, this wonderful non-fiction book is an interactive guidebook busting myths like whether or not a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s or if all woodpeckers peck wood.  The book encourages curiosity and exploring the great outdoors. It covers a wide range of topics from animals, to plants, space, weather and lots more. Plus 40 Stranger than Fiction Feature Facts that are so unbelievable that they can’t possibly be true, but amazingly are!     I had a lot of fun learning new things and separating fact from fiction while reading this book. It would be a great book to read outside as the weather warms out, and definitely a fun one to revisit as the seasons change. Recommended Reading: Ages 9 – 12.