The Unfairest of Them All

By Shannon HaleFrom the Ever After High series comes The Unfairest of Them All. This is book 2 in the Ever After series. Shannon Hale has a writing style that includes mistakes, silly jokes and cheesy puns, which are delightfully endearing. Readers follow Raven, the daughter of Evil Queen, and Apple, the daughter of Snow White, as they try to find their place in their perspective fairy tales. The two are learning about themselves and that sometimes you may need to be a little bad to make things good. There is an ongoing feud between the Royals and the Rebels. This feud may need to be put aside to save everyone’s happy endings. Will Apple and Raven follow the rules and stick to the book or make their own rules and write their own stories? Will the Royals and the Rebels be able to put aside their differences before it is too late? Will they learn how to follow their hearts? Readers will enjoy the lessons and humor within these pages.