Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

By John GrishamTheodore Boone, Kid Lawyer is the first in a series by adult fiction writer John Grisham. I picked this book up mainly because I wanted to see if Grisham could write for a younger audience. Grisham is known for his mysteries and thrillers not for writing for children. I was sceptical to say the least. After reading only a few pages of Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer I was convinced that Grisham knew what he was doing.Theodore’s parents are both lawyers and have their own law practice. Theodore has been learning about the law his whole life and fancies himself quite the junior lawyer. He even helps his friends out with his knowledge of right and wrong. One day Theodore and his family are pulled into a high profile murder case; believe it or not Theo investigates and saves the day with his armature attorney skills. Grisham is able to make the characters believable and this fast paced story exciting and gripping. You will want to continue through the series once you get started.