Under Their Skin

Under Their SkinBy Margaret Peterson Haddix

Nick and Eryn are 12-year-old twins who lead a pretty normal life, spending half their time at their mom’s house and half the time with their dad.  When their mom announces that she is getting married to Michael, Nick and Eryn know that life will change.  But change comes faster than they expect when they learn that Michael, whom they have known for several years, has kids of his own. 

Having Ava and Jackson as stepsiblings will have a big impact on Nick and Eryn’s life.  But Nick and Eryn are profoundly disturbed when their mom announces that the stepsiblings will never have to meet each other.  To say that this is an unusual start to a blended family is an understatement.  Nick and Eryn are determined to know why Ava and Jackson are being kept hidden from them.

Nick and Eryn begin to do things they wouldn’t normally do: they break into rooms and sneak out of the house, all in an effort to discover the secret behind Ava and Jackson.  When they show up at Ava and Jackson’s house unannounced, they get the surprise of their lives.  Nothing in their world is as it seems… Their parents have been keeping secrets from them.

Blending science fiction and mystery, Under Their Skin describes the shock and horror that arises when you realize that everything you believe in is wrong.