Wolfie & Fly

Wolfie & FlyBy Cary FaganIllustrations by Zoe Si

Renata Wolfman (a.k.a. Wolfie) is a loner.  She has her own ideas about how things should be done and friends just get in the way.

One day she finds a giant refrigerator box just lying around.  She decides to build a submarine.  After adding a porthole, a control panel, a steering wheel and a propeller, Wolfie is ready to play!  But she is soon interrupted by a knock at the door.  It’s her neighbour, Livingston Flott (a.k.a. Fly), and he’s hiding from his mean older brother.

Wolfie has no intention of playing with Fly, but when Fly notices her submarine, there is no getting rid of him.  Annoyingly, Fly has his own ideas about what should be added to the submarine.  Wolfie is surprised to find that some of his ideas are actually good!

But when the two of them get inside the submarine, that’s when the magic really happens.  Can they really explore the ocean in their homemade sub?

Ask yourself, is it better to play by yourself or with a friend?  Wolfie might just change her mind about being alone all the time after she finally gives in to playing with Fly!

Wolfie & Fly is a fun easy read – perfect for early chapter book readers!