Community Table

Due to the ongoing lobby renovations at the Brighouse Branch, we will not be able to accommodate Community Table Bookings until further notice.

Welcome to the Richmond Public Library's Community Table booking page. Before signing up, your organization understands that:

Only registered non-profit service organizations can book the table. Please provide a charitable registration number at time of booking.
Staffing of the community table is the sole responsibility of the organization requesting the booking. Staff from my organization will wear identification which indicates the name of the organization and of the individual.
Any minors involved with the community table that are under the age of 14 should be partnered with an adult.
All supplies for the community table are to be provided by the organization requesting the booking. Richmond Public Library is unable to provide display or stationary supplies.
All promotional material on display (i.e. posters, brochures, signs) is to be made available in English, additional languages may also be used.
Richmond Public Library reserves the right to decline requests depending on operational needs.

Your organization agrees:

Not to engage in fundraising, election campaigning, and religious or volunteer or political agenda recruitment.
Not to collect personal information.
Not to promote fee-based programming.
To comply with the library's Code of Conduct.
To contact a Richmond Public Library staff member immediately, should any concerns arise during their visit.