INSPIRATION2GO expands our collection’s range of materials for borrowing, so that community members of all ages can explore, learn, create and connect together wherever they go.

Our kits promote imagination-based play, science, technology, and an introduction to new hobbies. We have a kit for you with INSPIRATION2GO.


Birdwatching ExplorePACKS

Birdwatching ExplorePACKS include all the materials needed to get started birdwatching.

Fishing ExplorePACKS

Fishing ExplorePACKS contain everything needed for a fishing starter kit.

Hiking ExplorePACKs

Hiking ExplorePACKS contain the essentials needed to get started hiking.

Learning Kits – Residential Schools

This learning kit contains RPL resources to learn about the history and legacy of Residential Schools.

Learning Kits – Métis

These learning kits contain RPL resources to explore the history of Métis communities and culture.

Learning Kits – Coast Salish

These kits contain RPL resources to learn more about the diverse groups of Indigenous peoples and First Nations living along the Northwest Pacific Coast in BC.

Indigenous Perspectives Collection – Kids

RPL resources for children on and about Indigenous perspectives.

Indigenous Perspectives Collection – Adults

RPL resources for adults on and about Indigenous perspectives.

Linda Perron Ukulele Lending Library

Linda Perron Ukulele Lending Library

Start learning how to play the ukulele by borrowing a ukulele kit!


Human Body


Ozobot Evo Robot
MaKey MaKey circuits
Artie 3000 The Coding Robot


BRIO Smart Engine Set
Snap Circuits
KEVA Contraptions
Lego Challenge


Flip Book Animation


Academic Help
Problem Solving
Logic Puzzles

Kits for Adults and Teens

Active Mind Sets

These family game sets contain two different games to promote memory and cognitive skills for all ages.

Nostalgia Kits Collection

Each kit contains CDs, magazines and interesting artifacts from the 1930s. 1940s, and 1950s. The kits also feature written stories by Richmond seniors.

Podcasting Kits

Get started on your own podcast! This kit includes the gear that you need to get recording.

Kits for Kids

Baby & Preschool Theme Boxes

Theme boxes are fun educational kits created for Babies (ages 0 – 3) and Preschoolers (ages 3+).

Kindergarten Readiness

Take out a Kindergarten Readiness Theme Bag and help your child get ready for kindergarten!

Learning Kits

Learning kits contain multiple items to make history come alive, including books, photographs, newspaper clippings and more. Most suitable for older children and teens.

Science Kits

Science kits are great for school aged children and they are very popular. Hurry, take one home today!

Storytime Kits

Storytime Kits contain themed materials to help educators deliver fun and effective reading readiness programs for preschool children.


StoryWalk Kits promote literacy, learning, and outdoor play. These kits contain pages of a story that can be arranged outdoors, combining outdoor time and reading time for an immersive experience.