Inter-Faith Prayer & Meditation Space

Inter-Faith Prayer and Meditation Space

Richmond Public Library is proud to offer a space for prayer, meditation and reflection.
The Inter-Faith Prayer and Meditation Space in Richmond Public Library has been designed for customers to have a quiet area for prayer and reflection. This is a quiet space available at the Brighouse Branch’s second floor, with a privacy board available. The space is available to all members of the public is open to people of any faith or no faith.

Richmond Public Library is committed to fostering an environment of Respect, Understanding, Diversity and Inclusion.

Please see staff at the second floor AskMe desk if you would like to use this space or borrow a prayer mat. The space is intended for brief use and is freely available when not occupied.

Guidelines for using this space:

  • This space is intended for brief meditation, mindfulness and finding a moment of peace.
  • Please be quiet when in the space and respect others around you; conversations are discouraged.
  • Place cell phones and other electronic devices on silent.
  • Music or guided meditation permitted only with the use of headphones or earbuds (if it does not disturb others).
  • The space is not to be used for studying, meetings, eating, or sleeping.
  • The space must be kept clean and shoes must be removed if using the prayer mat.
  • Water is permitted.
  • Burning or lighting materials or candles is not permitted.

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We would like to recognize community members who donated prayer mats and lent their guidance in the creation of this space.