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Love books and the library? Join our Teen Ambassadors and help improve the library while meeting other like-minded teens. Teen Ambassadors meet one a month on the 1st Tuesday of every month.


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Love books and the library? Join our Teen Ambassadors and help improve the library while meeting other like-minded teens. Teen Ambassadors meet one a month on the 1st Tuesday of every month.





Connections Community Services

An organization in Richmond offering a variety of programs for teens including homework help, Youth & Seniors Connect, and Station Stretch’s academic support.



Foundry is a province-wide network of integrated health and social service centres for young people ages 12-24. Foundry centres provide a one-stop-shop for young people to access mental health care, substance use services, primary care, social services and youth and family peer supports.


RESET Youth Team

The RESET Youth Team is dedicated in supporting youth aged 13-19 and their families in partnership with the Richmond School District.

RESETing youth on their path through individual and family counselling, group work, school support, and advocacy. We believe positive change is possible and the ‘reset’ framework guides our everyday practice and more importantly, RESET youth’s thinking and goals towards successful outcomes.


Mental Floss

Learn fun facts, and the truth behind common misconceptions. This funny and entertaining channel will teach you a little bit of everything.


Simone Giertz

Have fun with Simone as she builds a variety of fun and weird robots. Some of the great, some of them really, really terrible.


Truth or fiction

Find out of if something is true or false. This site will help you understand fake news, misleading news, and the down right lies you might come across.


Child and Youth Mental Health

he Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) teams located across B.C. provide a range of mental health assessment and treatment options for children and youth (0-18 years of age) and their families at no cost. Our clinics are staffed by mental health clinicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.


Youth in BC

Crisis mental health line for teens. It connects teens with support, information and resources.


Open Mind BC

OpenMindBC.ca presents a valuable resource for physicians, parents, teachers, and youth to learn more about the support services that are available in British Columbia and across Canada.


Student Aid BC

We help with the cost of post-secondary education through student loans, grants, and scholarships. We also have programs that help with loan repayment.


Education Planner BC

EducationPlannerBC helps learners make well informed decisions about their education and career options. Use the Plan section to find articles and information about the different paths along the student journey.


WorkBC Scholarships, Bursaries, and Loans

Post-secondary education can be expensive. StudentAid BC provides loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships and special programs to qualifying students.


Staff Picks


Oseman, Alice

Be Not Far From Me

McGinnis, Mindy

Wild Tongues Can't Be Tamed

All of Us Villains

Foody, Amanda

Beyond the Gender Binary

Vaid-Menon, Alok

The Splendor

Shields, Breeana

Black Excellence Day

Firekeeper's Daughter

Boulley, Angeline

The Taking of Jake Livingston

Douglass, Ryan

White Smoke

Jackson, Tiffany D.

American Betiya

Rajurkar, Anuradha D.

This Book Is Anti-racist

Jewell, Tiffany

When They Call You A Terrorist

Khan-Cullors, Patrisse

Pride Reads for Teens

Aristotle and Dante Dive Into the Waters of the World

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire

The Dead and the Dark

Gould, Courtney

Jay's Gay Agenda

June, Jason

In Deeper Waters

Lukens, F. T.

Not My Problem

Smyth, Ciara

She's Too Pretty to Burn

Heard, Wendy

Diversity and Inclusion

When You Get the Chance

Ryan, Tom

Never Kiss your Roommate

Harms, Philline

Fifteen Hundred Miles From the Sun

Villa, Jonny Garza


Man, Chella

The Sky Blues

Couch, Robbie

One Last Stop

McQuiston, Casey

RPL Teen Book Talks 2020-2021

Ready Player Two

Cline, Ernest


Herbert, Frank


Lu, Marie

Where the World Ends

McCaughrean, Geraldine

All your Twisted Secrets

Urban, Diana

Five Total Strangers

Richards, Natalie D.

Teen manga

One Piece

Oda, Eiichirō

Spy X Family

Endō, Tatsuya

Yona of the Dawn

Kusanagi, Mizuho

Prince Freya

Ishihara, Keiko


Maggs, Sam

Snow White With the Red Hair

Akiduki, Sorata

Teen French Collection

Le garçon au visage disparu

Tremblay, Larry

Le prince cruel

Black, Holly

Hunger Games

Collins, Suzanne

De sang et de rang

Adeyemi, Tomi

Le royaume assassiné

Christo, Alexandra

L'Île des larmes grises

Bergeron, Diane

Top Picks

How to Invent Everything

North, Ryan

Maybe This Time

West, Kasie


Murphy, Julie

What If It's Us

Albertalli, Becky

The Authentics

Nazemian, Abdi

With the Fire on High

Acevedo, Elizabeth

Five Total Strangers

Richards, Natalie D.

The Silence of Bones

Hur, June

They Wish They Were Us

Goodman, Jessica

All your Twisted Secrets

Urban, Diana

One of Us Is Next

McManus, Karen M.

In the Study With the Wrench

Peterfreund, Diana

A Court of Silver Flames

Maas, Sarah J.

A Song Below Water

Morrow, Bethany C.

The Chosen

Matharu, Taran

A River of Royal Blood

Joy, Amanda

The Princess Will Save You

Henning, Sarah

The Infinite Noise

Shippen, Lauren

The How & the Why

Hand, Cynthia

Our Wayward Fate

Chao, Gloria


Buxbaum, Julie

Punching the Air

Zoboi, Ibi Aanu

How to Build A Heart

Padian, Maria

Not So Pure and Simple

Giles, L. R.


Reynolds, Jason

The Self-compassionate Teen

Bluth, Karen

Heads up

Siebert, Melanie

Body Talk

Channel Kindness

Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning

Honos-Webb, Lara


Lu, Marie

Imagine Me

Mafi, Tahereh

The Art of Saving the World

Duyvis, Corinne

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Collins, Suzanne

Court of Lions

Daud, Somaiya

This Vicious Cure

Suvada, Emily

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Masood, Syed

All This Time

Daughtry, Mikki

Salty, Bitter, Sweet

Cuevas, Mayra

The Upside of Falling

Light, Alex

19 Love Songs

Levithan, David

My Summer of Love and Misfortune

Wong, Lindsay

Be More Chill

Levithan, David

The Promised Neverland

Shirai, Kaiu

Banned Book Club

Kim, Hyun Sook

Snow White With the Red Hair

Akiduki, Sorata

Star Wars

Pak, Greg

Dancing at the Pity Party

Feder, Tyler