StoryWalks Outdoor Signs

A StoryWalk® is a fun, educational activity that promotes literacy, learning and outdoor play.  Individual pages of a storybook are mounted on trees in a circuit.  Families and educators of young children follow the narrative by visiting each tree in sequence.  It is a delightful journey filled with surprises from beginning to end.

The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.  Storywalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.

McLean Neighbourhood Park StoryWalk Circuit

Launched in May 2022, there is now a permanent StoryWalk® circuit at McLean Neighbourhood Park, 22500 McLean Ave.

Community members can visit the StoryWalk® any time the park is open; simply start at the first sign post, located at the playground, and follow the story clockwise along the trail.

The current story featured in the circuit is The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Matthew is excited to take part in the local sandcastle contest while he’s on vacation. Unfortunately, his castle is so realistic (complete with sand chairs, a sand refrigerator and sand food) that the judges don’t believe it’s actually made of sand!

Featured stories will be changed seasonally to keep the StoryWalk® experience fresh. The selected picture books feature a diverse range of stories and illustration styles that are well suited to anyone from preschool age and up.

This installation was made possible through a collaboration between Richmond Public Library and the City of Richmond, as well as thanks to the generous support of Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise and Decoda Literacy Solutions.

StoryWalks Kits

StoryWalk® Kits at Richmond Public Library

StoryWalk® kits at RPL were created with funds generously donated by the Friends of the Richmond Public Library, Richmond Fitness & Wellness and Decoda Literacy Solutions. You can borrow a StoryWalk® kit from the Richmond Public Library. We have 20 kits to choose from: find them HERE.

What’s in a StoryWalk® kit?

A laminated version of a book, an Information Guide and a Resource Guide.

Where can I set up my StoryWalk® kit?

Outdoor venues can include any green space, such as a copse of trees, along the dyke, parks, trails and community greenways.  Indoor venues can include long hallways or windows.

What are some tips for leading a StoryWalk®?

  • Assemble your group and explain how a StoryWalk® works.  Talk about safety issues and the importance of staying together as a group.
  • Talk about the pictures rather than simply reading the words.  Build anticipation and explain unusual words or concepts.
  • Encourage movement from one page to the next (possibly related to the story).
  • Bring props and/or collect items that relate to the story (e.g.  a rock, a twig).
  • Enjoy nature, take your time, and make the experience last for at least 20 minutes.

Check Out a StoryWalk®

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