Fishing ExplorePACKS

Richmond Public Library is pleased to announce the arrival of our Fishing ExplorePACKS. Any adult or teen with a RPL library card may borrow the ExplorePACKS.

At this time only available for checkout, hold pick up, and return at either the Brighouse or Steveston Branch. Fishing ExplorePACKS should be returned to the branch they were originally borrowed.

Steveston Branch only has Fishing ExplorePACKs with 2 rods to borrow.

The new Fishing ExplorePACKs is a fishing starter pack, perfect for a fun and educational way to spend some time outdoors and appreciate nature!

Each Fishing ExplorePACKs contains: a tackle box, pliers, floaters, weights, lures, baitholders, fishing line, bottle plastic eggs, fishing rod, and printed material.

There are three Fishing ExplorePACKS to borrow:
Fishing ExplorePACK Kits 1&2 has 1 rod each to borrow
Fishing ExplorePACK Kits 3&4 has 2 rods each to borrow (Brighouse)
Fishing ExplorePACK Kits 3&4 has 2 rods each to borrow (Steveston)
Fishing Explore PACK Kits 5&6 has 4 rods each to borrow

These kits are a donation from and are made possible by the generous support of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and their Rod Loan program:

Fishing ExplorePACKS
If you are over 16, you will need a licence to fish in BC. Find more information, learn about regulations, and find out where to buy a licence here.

You’ll find Rod Loan locations at Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC hatcheries and a number of tourism visitor centres and tackle shops throughout the province which now includes the Richmond Public Library.

Given the strong community interest and limited number of kits, some customers will experience a wait before a backpack becomes available. We appreciate your patience.

The Rod Loan program is generously supported by Luhr Jensen and we would like to thank Jessica Yarwood, Outreach Coordinator for Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

Obtaining fishing licenses is the responsibility of the individuals checking out the Fishing ExplorePACKS. The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, Luhr Jensen, Richmond Public Library will not be held liable for injury due to the usage of the Fishing ExplorePACKS.

Fishing ExplorePACKS

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A waterway-based fishing social network to connect with local anglers and find the latest fishing reports, catches and spots in your area.

What Will You Catch?

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