Purchase Suggestion Form

Looking for a title not already owned by the library? We’d love to hear from you if you have a purchase suggestion!

To recommend a new print book please fill in the form below. If your suggestion is purchased, your name will automatically be added to the hold list. To keep this service accessible to as many customers as possible, submissions are limited to 2 per week. Richmond Public Library maintains a diverse collection of popular materials with a variety of viewpoints. Purchase suggestions are evaluated by staff and are selected based on our collection development criteria and budget considerations.

Did you know? Titles on the Bestsellers’ list and popular media materials will be automatically purchased for the library. Please check our catalogue closer to the publication date to place a hold.

You can also browse and request to borrow books from other libraries in B.C., please visit the Interlibrary Loans page here.

To receive notifications for new titles added to the Overdrive Libby app, please see these instructions, and let us know should you have any questions.