See You In The Cosmos

See You In The CosmosBy Jack Cheng

Alex is only eleven years old but already he’s very independent.  He has to be.  He lives with his mom, but she can hardly get out of bed most of the time.  Alex makes all the meals, gets himself to school, and takes on much more responsibility than most kids his age.

Because he basically takes care of himself, he sees no problem in taking a trip on his own.  Alex loves learning about space and he plans to attend an event called SHARF, where regular people attempt to launch rockets into space.  Alex has built his own rocket and filled a “golden iPod” with recordings of himself talking about life on Earth.  He plans to launch both and hopes to connect with alien life forms.

So he sets out with his dog, Carl Sagan, on the adventure of a lifetime.  Along the way, he meets a series of people who take him under their wings and look out for him on the road.  In fact, his trip takes him much farther than expected and he even meets family members he never knew he had.

Throughout the book, Alex remains incredibly positive in the face of adversity.  He encounters many obstacles and must face some hard realities about his life.  But Alex cannot be beaten and learns never to let him dreams die.

Incredibly touching and inspiring, See You In The Cosmos is a must read!