The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Mars Patel

By Sheela Chari

Eleven-year-old Mars Patel is constantly being sent to detention at H.G. Wells Middle School.  He is famous for pulling pranks and generally being disruptive.  Mars is regarded as the leader of his gang of friends, all of whom have their own quirks.  Caddie can sense other people’s thoughts and feelings.  J.P. has super strength.  And Toothpick is incredibly intelligent. 

Despite getting in trouble all the time, Mars dreams of attending the prestigious Pruitt Prep, run by his hero, Oliver Pruitt.  Famous for his world renowned podcast, Oliver Pruitt is a genius, and his motto is “to the stars!”

But Mars has more immediate problems than taking the GIFT admissions test to get into the school of his dreams.  His friends Aurora and Jonas have both gone missing.  As he tries to determine what has happened to them, Mars learns that kids all over the world have been going missing, but no adults seem to care.

Soon Mars discovers that there may be a connection between Pruitt Prep and the missing kids.  As he and his friends begin to investigate, they notice that strange things are starting to happen. When they row out to Gale Island, reputed location of Pruitt Prep, their quirks become amplified so that they almost have super powers.  Yet they are followed by something that emits a terrifying howl, and they know they are in danger.  Stranger still, every time they get into trouble, their teacher, Mr. Q. shows up and rescues them.

Will Mars and his friends ever track down Aurora and Jonas?  Can they do it without getting expelled from H.G. Wells?  Is Mr. Q. really just a likeable teacher?  These questions and more are answered in The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel.  If you like science, mystery and adventure, this book is for you!