Wolf Hollow Copy

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by Lauren Wolk   Annabelle lives a steady life with her parents, grandparents, two younger brothers plus aunt in a small Pennsylvania farming town. The arrival of the new girl Betty shakes things up and not in a good way. Annabelle quickly learns the new girl is a relentless bully who threatens not only Annabelle […]


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Shine!By J.J. and Chris GrabensteinPiper Milly is a fairly average kid.  Her mother was a musical prodigy, and her father is a music teacher who enters his school singing groups into competitions and even writes his own show tunes.  Piper can’t even carry a tune.When Piper’s dad gets offered a job at the exclusive Chumley […]

The Secret of White Stone Gate

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The Secret of White Stone Gate By Julia Nobel Thirteen-year-old Emmy Willick is back at Wellsworth, a prestigious British boarding school, for her second year.  She is thrilled to be back with best friends Jack and Lola, but is also concerned about what the year will bring.   During Emmy’s first year at the school, she […]

Scary Stories for Young Foxes

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Scary Stories for Young FoxesBy Christian McKay HeidickerOn a chilly autumn night, seven little foxes are eager to hear some scary stories.  But the old storyteller lives over in Bog Cavern and they are not allowed to go.  After waiting for their mother to fall asleep, seven little foxes sneak out into the night, and […]

The Disaster Days

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The Disaster DaysBy Rebecca Behrens Hannah Steele is a first-time babysitter.  At 13 years old, she’s not sure she should be in charge of anyone.  Luckily she’s babysitting close to home, so she’s not too worried. Hannah and her charges, Oscar and Zoe, live on Pelling Island, a fictional suburb of Seattle.  Although they are […]

The Case of Windy Lake

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The Case of Windy LakeBy Michael Hutchinson Sam, Otter, Atim and Chickadee live on the Windy Lake First Nation.  Although they are just kids, these four cousins love to solve mysteries.  They’ve been nicknamed The Mighty Muskrats for their intelligence and tenacity. When an archeologist visits their community, many of the people are worried he […]

El Deafo

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El DeafoBy Cece Bell At age four, Cece loses her hearing and must start wearing hearing aids.  The hearing aids help, but Cece must still learn to lip read in order to understand what people are saying.  Much of the time she struggles to make sense of what’s going on.  This makes school and friendships […]

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

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The Miscalculations of Lightning GirlBy Stacy McAnulty Lucy Callahan is a math genius.  After being struck by lightning at age 8, Lucy became a “savant”.  Her math skills are phenomenal!  She is only 12 years old, but already she has finished high school courses and can begin applying for university.  But after doing all her […]

Blood Mountain

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Blood MountainBy James Preller Carter and Grace are on a hike with their dad and their dog, Sitka.  They’ve been on hikes before and are comfortable in the woods.  So comfortable, in fact, that they both race ahead of their father.  Their dad, meanwhile, is getting slower and slower, having trouble making his way up […]

The Night Diary

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The Night Diary By Veera Hiranandani Its 1947, and twelve-year-old Nisha and her twin brother Amil live in the Mirpur Khas region of India.  Amil is a carefree boy with many friends.  Nisha is a shy, almost mute girl, who has few friends, but she’s an excellent student and cook.  When Nisha begins to keep […]