Red Fox Road

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Red Fox Road By Frances Greenslade Francie and her parents are on a road trip.  They have left their home in Penticton and are driving to the Grand Canyon to do some hiking and camping.  As they travel through Oregon, Francie’s dad decides to trust his new GPS and takes a shortcut down a remote […]

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

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Kerry and the Knight of the Forest By Andi Watson Kerry’s parents are very sick and he is their only hope. So Kerry leaves their family farm to retrieve their lifesaving medicine.  As he skirts the forest on the way back, he is led astray by what appears to be a little girl.  But this […]

Tornado Brain

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Tornado Brain By Cat Patrick Thirteen-year-old Frankie is different from the other kids in her life.  She can’t stand loud noises and doesn’t always understand social cues.  She’s been labelled “neurodivergent” – in other words, her brain works differently.  Frankie is also fascinated by tornadoes, hence the term “tornado brain”. Frankie has always had two […]

Pine Island Home

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Pine Island Home By Polly Horvath Fiona, Marlin, Natasha and Charlie McCready are four sisters who have travelled the world with their parents and lived in many places.  During their time in Borneo, the unthinkable happens – their parents take a short vacation to Thailand and are killed in a tsunami.  Luckily their Aunt Martha, […]

Lizard’s Tale

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  Lizard’s Tale By Weng Wai Chan Lizard is a boy living on his own in a shack in Singapore during World War II.  His parents have passed away, and his beloved Uncle Archie, whom he used to live with, has disappeared.  Lizard is able to make a living through petty theft and with a […]

City Spies

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City Spies  By James Ponti At age twelve, Sara Martinez has already lived in many different foster homes.  Her foster parents often cared more about money than their children.  As a computer hacker, she is now facing years of juvenile detention when a new “lawyer” appears and offers her a deal.  Before she knows it, […]

Wolf Hollow Copy

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by Lauren Wolk   Annabelle lives a steady life with her parents, grandparents, two younger brothers plus aunt in a small Pennsylvania farming town. The arrival of the new girl Betty shakes things up and not in a good way. Annabelle quickly learns the new girl is a relentless bully who threatens not only Annabelle […]


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Shine!By J.J. and Chris GrabensteinPiper Milly is a fairly average kid.  Her mother was a musical prodigy, and her father is a music teacher who enters his school singing groups into competitions and even writes his own show tunes.  Piper can’t even carry a tune.When Piper’s dad gets offered a job at the exclusive Chumley […]

The Secret of White Stone Gate

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The Secret of White Stone Gate By Julia Nobel Thirteen-year-old Emmy Willick is back at Wellsworth, a prestigious British boarding school, for her second year.  She is thrilled to be back with best friends Jack and Lola, but is also concerned about what the year will bring.   During Emmy’s first year at the school, she […]

Scary Stories for Young Foxes

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Scary Stories for Young FoxesBy Christian McKay HeidickerOn a chilly autumn night, seven little foxes are eager to hear some scary stories.  But the old storyteller lives over in Bog Cavern and they are not allowed to go.  After waiting for their mother to fall asleep, seven little foxes sneak out into the night, and […]