Yours Truly

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Yours Truly By Heather Vogel Frederick Truly Lovejoy is a typical 13-year-old girl – except for the fact that she’s 6 feet tall.  She lives with her 4 siblings and her parents in her grandparents’ house in Pumpkin Falls, a place that takes maple syrup very seriously. It’s spring, and Maple Madness is upon them.  […]

Sometimes I Lie

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Sometimes I Lie By Alice Feeney   Sometimes I Lie, by Alice Feeney is a psychological thriller, a genre that I rarely choose as I don’t like to sleep with the light on. However, I have recently delved into this type of book a little. Having survived The Girl on the Train, I thought I […]

Scar Island

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Scar Island By Dan Gemeinhart Jonathan Grisby is just a boy, but already he has committed a crime that has sent him to Slabhenge Reformatory School for Troubled Boys.    Slabhenge is no ordinary place.  Located on a remote, rocky island, Slabhenge can only be reached by boat and keeps its young residents isolated from […]

The Overstory

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The Overstory By Richard Powers “The most wondrous products of four billion years of life need help.” (p.165)  In Richard Powers’ novel The Overstory, trees, the powerhouses of the Earth, draw in a cast of characters from vastly different backgrounds.  There’s Nicholas Hoel, whose family has spent generations documenting the growth of the Hoel Chestnut […]

Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness

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by: David Casarett Ladarat Patalung, nurse ethicist, widow, amateur sleuth? At the Sriphat Hospital in Chang Mai, Thailand, Ladarat is approached by a local detective to help solve a potential case of murder.  A woman brought her husband to the emergency room where he then passed away. This is nothing strange in a hospital; however, […]