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It’s 1974 and Willow Greenwood is living in her Westfalia, travelling to various logging camps with her son, Liam, in tow.  Willow’s intent is to sabotage logging operations and generally interfere with the industry that is destroying B.C.’s vast and beautiful forests.  In fact, she has devoted her life to this endeavour. Unexpectedly, Willow is […]

The Tree In Me

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The Tree In MeBy Corinna Luyken With a colour palate brimming with playfulness, the neon pinks, dark browns, mustard yellows and blues in The Tree In Me all help unfurl the idea that people are strong and connected to each other, just as trees are. Poetic and lyrical, Corinna Luyken’s joyful meditation may be just what we […]


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SaturdayBy Oge Mora Oge Mora, the Caldecott Award Honor recipient for Thank you, Omu!, does a quick turnaround for another cheery picturebook, this one named Saturday. Ava and her mom set out to relish in their one day of the week spent together, as her mom works six days a week. What happens when they […]


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Trespassers By Breena Bard Gabby Woods and her family visit their cottage by the lake every summer and they always have a great time.  The kids spend their days kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming, and evenings are spent around the fire or inside playing charades.  But this summer feels different.  Gabby and her brother Simon […]

Anxious People

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    By Fredrik Backman   Is it possible for a book to be at once heart-wrenching yet heart-warming, improbable yet realistic, farcical yet deeply, utterly human? If so, Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People has done just that. Anxious People follows a group of people who, while attending an apartment open house, find themselves held hostage […]

Just Like Me

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Just Like MeBy Vanessa Brantley-Newton Marvelously constructed with layered textures, happy colours, and a poem on each page that reflects different girls’ personalities and strengths. Uplifting and affirming poems like “The Day I Decided To Become Sunshine” or “I Am Enough” will find their way into young hearts. On the last page, all the girls […]

The List of Things That Will Not Change

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The List of Things That Will Not ChangeBy Rebecca Stead Divorce brings a wave of change to families, so Bea is dealing with her parents’ divorce by creating a list with them — a list of things that will never, ever change. They create the list and tell Bea that even though their family may […]

The Thief Knot

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The Thief Knot By Kate Milford Marzana and Nialla are best friends who live in the Liberty of Gammerbund, just outside of Nagspeake.  Although the Liberty is a known haven for former smugglers, including Marzana’s mother, the girls feel that nothing exciting ever happens and they are dying for an adventure! When Marzana learns that […]