Big Foot and Little Foot and the Squatchicorns

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The SquatchicornsBy Ellen PotterIllustrated by  Felicita Sala Hugo and Boone are off on another adventure in this third book in the Big Foot and Little Foot series.  Hugo is a sasquatch, but when a large group of strange sasquatches with unicorn horns appears at his cavern, he’s a bit concerned.  It turns out there’s nothing […]


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TrashBy Andy Mulligan Raphael is fourteen years old and lives in a dump called Behala in an unnamed third-world country. He is certainly not alone.  Many families, including children and teens living on their own, live in abject poverty in many countries, and make their living by finding reusable garbage and selling it. But when […]


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DryBy Neal Shusterman Southern California is experiencing a drought that has lasted for many months.  Water conservation practices are well underway, including the “No Frivolous Use” policy, which means people can’t even use their pools anymore.  But no one expects the taps to go dry.  One day, out of the blue, there is no more […]

The Parker Inheritance

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The Parker InheritanceBy Varian Johnson Twelve-year-old Candice has been forced to move to Lambert, South Carolina from her home in Atlanta.  She is bored and unhappy.  But when she discovers a mysterious letter waiting for her in her grandmother’s attic, she begins to investigate. The letter describes the Washingtons, an African American family who was […]

Everything I Never Told You

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Everything I Never Told YouBy Celeste Ng Lydia Lee, favoured daughter of James and Marilyn Lee, sister to Hannah and Nathan, intelligent, beautiful and perfect in her parents’ eyes, is dead.  A non-swimmer, Lydia is found floating in the lake.  Her parents immediately blame an outsider.  But Lydia, it turns out, is not what she […]


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You Caroline Kepnes Joe Goldberg meets Guinevere Beck in a cozy bookstore in the East Village and it is love at first sight. For Joe.  Sadly, he forgets to ask for her number! Like any love sick person would do, he tracks her down using her credit card information, and finds the perfect opportunity on […]

The Storm Keeper’s Island

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The Storm Keeper’s IslandBy Catherine Doyle Fionn and Tara Boyle have been sent to the Island of Arranmore to spend the summer with their grandfather.  Although they are close in age – Fionn is eleven and Tara is thirteen – they are no longer interested in the same things.  Tara, in fact, drives Fionn crazy. […]

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

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  by Benjamin Alire Saenz Amazing amazing book.  Aristotle and Dante are initially drawn to each other because of their names, however, they are the opposite of each other. Aristotle (Ari) is quiet, reserved, keeps everything inside himself- but he has come by that honestly as his parents do the same. They don’t talk about […]