Where the World Ends

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Where the World Ends By Geraldine McCaughrean Quill lives on a Scottish island in the St. Kilda archipelago in 1727.  Each summer, he and a group of men and boys is rowed out to one of the sea stacs (rocky outcrops surrounded by water) to harvest birds for food.  It’s difficult, exhausting work.  The boys […]

Everything Everything

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Everything EverythingBy Nicola YoonMadeleine (Maddy) Wittier has spent all eighteen years of her life in a bubble. She suffers from a rare immune deficiency called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) which prevents her from leaving her house and limits her mother, Pauline, and her nurse, Carla, for company. Madeleine has no complaints about her life, not […]

The Marrow Thieves

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The Marrow ThievesBy Cherie Dimaline The Marrow Thieves is a dystopian tale of the not-too-distant future.  Climate change is now wreaking havoc on the coasts, the cities have crumbled, and survivors are struggling to maintain small communities.  The most pronounced effect of these changes is the loss of an important part of our humanity: our […]


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TrashBy Andy Mulligan Raphael is fourteen years old and lives in a dump called Behala in an unnamed third-world country. He is certainly not alone.  Many families, including children and teens living on their own, live in abject poverty in many countries, and make their living by finding reusable garbage and selling it. But when […]


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DryBy Neal Shusterman Southern California is experiencing a drought that has lasted for many months.  Water conservation practices are well underway, including the “No Frivolous Use” policy, which means people can’t even use their pools anymore.  But no one expects the taps to go dry.  One day, out of the blue, there is no more […]

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

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  by Benjamin Alire Saenz Amazing amazing book.  Aristotle and Dante are initially drawn to each other because of their names, however, they are the opposite of each other. Aristotle (Ari) is quiet, reserved, keeps everything inside himself- but he has come by that honestly as his parents do the same. They don’t talk about […]

Grave Mercy

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  by Robin LaFevers Ismae hasn’t had the greatest childhood. Abuse has been a constant in her life. As a baby, she was poisoned to expel her from her mother’s body, she received regular beatings from her father and men of her village, then she was forced into marriage with a much older, cruel pig […]

The Prince and the Dressmaker

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The Prince and the Dressmaker Jen Wang This beautiful comic follows Frances, an overworked dressmaker with a creative eye, and Prince Sebastian, a young prince with a secret.  When Frances’ bold fashion creation scandalizes the aristocracy, she receives a cryptic job offer from a mysterious benefactor. Desperate for a better job, she accepts only to […]

What if it’s us

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By:  Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera Meet Arthur, Broadway enthusiast, glass half full optimism, and favourite person of everyone he meets. He’s in New York for the summer interning at his mom’s law firm and couldn’t be happier.  Meet Ben, closet writer, glass half empty pessimist, and cool guy who seems not to try too […]


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CopyboyBy Vince Vawter In this sequel to Paperboy, Victor is now 17 years old.  He has changed a lot since he was an 11-year-old paperboy, and although he still stutters, he has come to terms with his disability.  He doesn’t stutter as much as he used to, but he also isn’t bothered by it as […]