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Everything Everything

Everything EverythingBy Nicola YoonMadeleine (Maddy) Wittier has spent all eighteen years of her life in a bubble. She suffers from a rare immune deficiency called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) which prevents her from leaving her house and limits her mother, Pauline, and her nurse, Carla, for company. Madeleine has no complaints about her life, not having known any other form of existence. She attends school online and has Skype classes and tutors, and has read just about every book ever written. Her life as she knows changes when a moving truck arrives at the house next door. Madeleine is captivated by Olly, the teen age boy of the family and wants to know all about him. As she watches the family from her bedroom window, she and Olly strike up a friendship over IM and support each other in many ways.When Carla allows Olly to visit Maddy, without her mother’s knowledge, things become more intense and Maddy begins to yearn for more than her life in the bubble. So, you can guess what happens next, the development of a more intense relationship, the running away, the discovery. But I can’t tell you any more about that….*spoilers, but I can tell you it is not what you expect and both Olly and Maddy learn some things about themselves that will change them both. Whether this change is for the best or not, you will have to decide for yourself, once you’ve read, Everything, Everything there is to read in between these covers.