The Prince and the Dressmaker

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Jen Wang

This beautiful comic follows Frances, an overworked dressmaker with a creative eye, and Prince Sebastian, a young prince with a secret.  When Frances’ bold fashion creation scandalizes the aristocracy, she receives a cryptic job offer from a mysterious benefactor. Desperate for a better job, she accepts only to discover that her mysterious benefactor is actually the young prince! Wearing beautiful dresses makes Sebastian feel confident and the Prince wants this daring dressmaker to be outfitted as Lady Crystallia.   

The relationship between Frances and Sebastian grows from friendship to something more, but their secret might get between them as it inhibits Frances’ career. Their reputation grows until Lady Crystallia becomes the hottest fashion icon in the kingdom, but Frances gets none of the credit for her amazing creations. On top of that, can Sebastian keep this secret or will this secret identity be discovered. And, if that identity is discovered, what will people think? 

This comic has everything: gorgeous illustrations, loveable characters, creative plot, and strong heartwarming moments. It has a fairy tale vibe full of romance, fashion, and charm.  I love the message that society may set limitations on what you can and cannot do, but breaking out of that mold can make you all the more interesting and successful.  Just because you are a poor seamstress, does not mean you cannot have a voice, and just because you’re supposed to be a certain way does not mean you cannot thrive if you break out of that mold. 

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a great story with a clear, positive message. An all-around smile inducing story!