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CopyboyBy Vince Vawter

In this sequel to Paperboy, Victor is now 17 years old.  He has changed a lot since he was an 11-year-old paperboy, and although he still stutters, he has come to terms with his disability.  He doesn’t stutter as much as he used to, but he also isn’t bothered by it as much.

Victor now has a job as a copyboy at a newspaper and he’s on the verge of going to college.  But when one of his closest friends dies, Victor must fulfill a promise he made to spread his ashes at the mouth of the Mississippi river.  

In the days before school starts and against his mother’s wishes, Victor makes a trip south to New Orleans.  There he meets Philomene Moreau, a girl who quickly captures his full attention.  With her help, he hopes to find the mouth of the Mississippi – a location that is hotly disputed among the locals.

There’s only one thing stopping Victor and Phil from setting out on the river.  Hurricane Betsy has taken a sudden turn and is now heading straight toward New Orleans.  Things get pretty tense as those living on the Gulf of Mexico begin to evacuate.  But Victor is determined to fulfill his promise – and he hopes Phil will help him.

Copyboy is just as good as Paperboybut is suitable to an older audience.  Just as Victor has grown up, readers will need to have grown up a little before reading this next installment.  Copyboyis also good as a standalone novel.