To the Bright Edge of the World

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To the Bright Edge of the WorldBy Eowyn Ivey It’s 1885 and Colonel Allen Forrester has been assigned to lead his men up Alaska’s Wolverine River.  The journey will take them from Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska, through narrow canyons and passages not yet explored by white men, and down the Yukon […]

A Complicated Case

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A Complicated CaseBy Ulf NilssonIllustrated by Gitte Spee All the animals in the forest are feeling down.  Detective Gordon, a toad, and his assistant, Buffy, wonder why.  Eventually they realize that someone is saying mean things to the forest animals.  This is not allowed according to the Law, and Gordon and Buffy must solve the […]

All Four Stars

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All Four StarsBy Tara Dairman Gladys Gatsby is only twelve years old but she loves to cook!  She enjoys fine foods from around the world, and shops at a gourmet grocery store.  Gladys’s parents are just the opposite.  Much to Gladys’s dismay, they eat take out every night and never turn on the stove – […]