A River Enchanted

Posted on: July 20, 2022 at 4:47 pm, in

by Rebecca Ross After ten years away from his ancestral home, the magical island of Cadence, Jack Tamerlaine has been summoned back by his laird. He returns, unsure of what he’ll find, or what he’ll feel, being back on the island that he was forced to leave at age twelve. Turns out, it was his […]

The Lyrics, 1956 to the Present

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by Paul McCartney I was born 10 years after the Beatles broke up. My prime music listening years were the ‘90s, but my tastes were firmly stuck a generation behind, with the Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, the Who, the Guess Who, and of course, the Beatles being among my favourite bands.  While I’ve read plenty […]

The Kaiju Preservation Society

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by John Scalzi Sometimes you need to turn off your brain, whether you are a reader or the writer.  In his note at the end of The Kaiju Preservation Society, author John Scalzi explains why this was the book he wrote instead of a heady science fiction novel of big ideas: he’d had a rough […]

Sea of Tranquility

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by Emily St. John Mandel  A novel that explores characters living across six centuries, through several pandemics and amid human-manufactured rivers and skies is no small feat, let alone one to be accomplished smoothly. Yet, such a read exists in Emily St. John Mandel’s newest book, Sea of Tranquility. Like many recent novels, this is […]

Mindful of Murder

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by Susan Juby This summer, Richmond Public Library invites the community to read and talk about Mindful of Murder, a brand-new, humorous mystery novel by award-winning BC author, Susan Juby. Ms. Juby, a Vancouver Island resident, has won numerous awards and accolades for her teen and adult titles, including the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour […]

Red Thread of Fate

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by Lyn Liao Butler Days away from finalizing the adoption of a boy from a Chinese orphanage, Tony and Tam are looking forward to welcoming him home and to repairing their at times shaky marriage. Just as we take a moment to celebrate their joy, Tam receives word that Tony has been suddenly taken from […]