The Mountain Story

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The Mountain StoryBy Lori Lansens I love survival stories and Lori Lansens’ The Mountain Story doesn’t disappoint. At 18 years of age, Wolf Truly has faced many challenges in his life.  His mother died when he was very young, and his father, Frankie, is a drinker, a gambler, and not much of a dad.  After […]


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UngiftedBy Gordon Korman Donovan Curtis is the class clown and the first to cause mayhem and destruction in Hardcastle Middle School.  With the assistance of his two best friends, both named Daniel, Donovan has raised the ire of teachers, principals and even students.  Known for his antics, Donovan is definitely not academically inclined. When Donovan […]

Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

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Yours Sincerely, GiraffeBy Megumi Iwasa, Illustrations by Jun Takabataka Giraffe is bored and longs for a friend.  Pelican is bored and offers to deliver letters.  Although Giraffe has never written a letter, he decides to give it a try. Pelican flies Giraffe’s letter beyond the horizon to a faraway place called Whale Sea.  Seal is the […]


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Beartown By Fredrik Backman Beartown is a small town with big dreams. Fredrik Backman takes us into this small community nestled amongst the trees, with a heavier storyline than his usual lighthearted, humorous fiction; maybe that’s because there’s so much riding on the outcome of this tale. Regardless, I was quickly drawn in and I […]

Words in Deep Blue

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Words in Deep Blueby Cath CrowleyThis is a beautiful book made even more lovely by the fact that I listened to it as an audiobook, the Australian accent putting me right in Australia, the setting for this tale. Rachel Sweetie and Henry Jones grew up together in Gracetown until Rachel moved to Sea Ridge with […]