Moon of the Crusted Snow

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Moon of the Crusted Snow By Waubgeshig Rice Waubgeshig Rice’s novel Moon of the Crusted Snowopens in the crisp autumn chill of a northern Ontario reserve.  Evan Whitesky, a young husband and father, prepares his home for impending winter.  Even in these times of modern conveniences, Evan uses his knowledge of hunting to feed his […]


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CopyboyBy Vince Vawter In this sequel to Paperboy, Victor is now 17 years old.  He has changed a lot since he was an 11-year-old paperboy, and although he still stutters, he has come to terms with his disability.  He doesn’t stutter as much as he used to, but he also isn’t bothered by it as […]


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PaperboyBy Vince Vawter Victor is an 11-year-old boy with two traits that make him stand out: He’s got a fantastic pitching arm. He stutters. It’s 1959 in Memphis.  Kids and adults alike admire Victor’s ability on the baseball field.  But Victor keeps most people at arm’s length because of his disability.  It’s just so hard […]

Royal Bastards

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Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts Tilla is a Royal Bastard. Her father is Lord Kent of the Western Province, who doted upon Tilla until his trueborn children came along. In this world, the bastard children of nobles can be legitimized if their noble parent wishes. This is something Tilla secretly longs for – to sit […]

The Best We Could Do

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The Best We Could Do Thi Bui Upon becoming a first time mother, Thi Bui reflects on the lives of her Vietnamese parents.  In an effort to understand her tense relationship with her parents, the author explores her family’s story and recreates it in this beautiful graphic memoire.  During the fall of South Vietnam in […]

Not If I Save You First

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  by Ally Carter Maddie and Logan are best friends who both live at the White House. Logan’s dad is the president and Maddie’s is the head of the Secret Service charged with protecting the president. At a party one night, trouble erupts and suddenly Maddie is torn away from everything she knows when her […]