Not If I Save You First


by Ally Carter

Maddie and Logan are best friends who both live at the White House. Logan’s dad is the president and Maddie’s is the head of the Secret Service charged with protecting the president.

At a party one night, trouble erupts and suddenly Maddie is torn away from everything she knows when her dad takes her to Alaska where there is no phone, no internet and no Logan. She writes weekly to Logan, but never gets a reply.

Fast forward 6 years and Logan’s parents are tired of his rebellious behaviour so they send him to Alaska for a taste of reality. Maddie can’t believe it, he just shows up, unannounced. She wants to kill him for abandoning her, for never writing back to her.

Maddie has plans to simply ignore Logan and get on with her chores, but a kidnapper interrupts them, injures Maddie and runs off with Logan. With the weather turning to icy winter conditions and little options for getting help, Maddie sees no choice but to track Logan and the kidnapper.  This begins an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness requiring Maddie to use all of the survival skills she has honed in the 6 years of living in the back country.

Will it be enough to save Logan?

It is a good adventure story with surprises and turns that are somewhat unexpected. All around a good read, typical spy, action chase kind of tale – wilderness style!.

This is a standalone novel from the author of Gallagher Girls and the Heist Society series for young adults.