Book of the Month- June – We Are Still Tornadoes

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We Are Still TornadoesWe Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen follows the friendship of Catherine and Scott as they move on from high school. We learn about the ups and downs of Cath and Scott’s lives this first year out of high school through their letters to each other. Cath has gone off […]

The Darkest Dark

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The Darkest DarkBy Chris Hadfield Have you ever been afraid of the dark?   Chris Hadfield has. Lying in the dark, Chris thinks of all kinds of scary things, especially aliens.  He has many sleepless night in his family’s cottage on Stag Island in Ontario.  He keeps his parents awake too, and they are getting pretty […]

Strange the Dreamer

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   by Laini Taylor As a young orphan, Lazlo Strange loved nothing more than listening to a good story.  At the monastery where Lazlo was raised, an old monk would tell him countless stories of a wondrous place far from their war torn land. Two hundred years ago this mysterious land of riches was cut […]


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Masterminds By Gordon Korman Growing up in a town like Serenity has its perks: there’s no crime, no poverty, and honesty is valued above all.  Kids like Eli, Randy, Tori, Amber, Malik and Hector are 13 years old and have known each other their entire lives.  In their small town of 185 people, they pretty much […]

The Japanese Lover

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The Japanese LoverBy Isabel Allende The Japanese Lover is a love story steeped in history, using San Francisco as a backdrop for its measured progression. The book opens with Irina, a care aide at Lark House, a seniors’ home in San Francisco.  Irina’s life begins in poverty in her native Moldova.  As an immigrant to […]

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Other Lessons From the Crematory

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Smoke Gets In Your EyesBy Caitlin DoughtyIn preparation for Caitlin Doughty’s second book I thought I would re-read her first. This member of the Order of the Good Death is a YouTube favourite of mine. I regularly enjoy her Morbid Minutes and Ask A Mortician series.Doughty writes very much like she speaks, making this an […]

Book of the Month: May – Dragon Spring Road

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by Janie Chang Dragon Springs Road by B.C. author Janie Chang combines historical fiction and fantasy to present a coming of age story for a Eurasian girl named Jialing. Jialing is abandoned by her mother and taken on as a bond slave by the Yang family. She develops a friendship of sorts with the family’s […]