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Book of the Month- June – We Are Still Tornadoes

We Are Still TornadoesWe Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen follows the friendship of Catherine and Scott as they move on from high school. We learn about the ups and downs of Cath and Scott’s lives this first year out of high school through their letters to each other. Cath has gone off to college and Scott has stayed behind in their home town to work in his father’s store and to try to get his band up and running.This tale of growing up takes place in the 1980’s so there is no texting or email, just good old fashioned letters on school (Cath) and store (Scott) letterhead.  The letters back and forth make for a fast read, and the occasional urgent page turner (did Scott get that letter?!?!) to make sure the friends are up to date on the latest news from home and college. Through their letters to each other we meet their families, old school friends, old boy and girl friends, new friends and roommates. We experience the trials and tribulations of their first year out of the safe high school community with humour, sadness and joy as they support and offer honest guidance to each other. Having been best friends forever, it is logical that they are able to share their innermost thoughts about their lives and can fight, and laugh, and cry together and have such an honest relationship. Even though you know how it is going to end, it is a great fast read that I highly recommend.