By Breena Bard

Gabby Woods and her family visit their cottage by the lake every summer and they always have a great time.  The kids spend their days kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming, and evenings are spent around the fire or inside playing charades. 

But this summer feels different.  Gabby and her brother Simon feel pressured to hang out with the new neighbour kids, Paige and Bryan.  But Paige and Bryan are into things like shoplifting and blowing up firecrackers.  Gabby especially feels uncomfortable around Paige.

When the kids come across an abandoned mansion at the edge of the lake, they start to wonder why no one lives there.  The mansion was apparently designed by a famous architect who built it for his glamourous wife.  But one day, the couple disappeared.

Gabby, ever the voracious reader, decides to write a mystery story based on the missing couple and their empty home.  Soon Paige gets involved in helping Gabby with the story.  She insists that the only way they will ever know more about this local mystery is by breaking into the abandoned house. 

Of course, Gabby thinks that’s a crazy idea, but it still sounds enticing.  Soon Gabby and Paige are piecing together a murder mystery that they believe happened right there at the lake.  But once they start digging around in someone else’s business, the two girls could find themselves in real trouble.

Trespassers is a whodunit mystery that is also a graphic novel.  Perfect to read on your summer vacation or under the covers with a flashlight!