The Lotterys More or Less

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The Lotterys More or LessBy Emma Donoghue In many ways the Lotterys are the ideal family.  There are two moms, two dads and seven kids.  Some kids were born as Lotterys, some were adopted. The Lottery children are all home-schooled and learn by doing.  The Lotterys are lucky — they won the lottery, and now […]


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MegabatBy Anna HumphreyIllustrated by Kass Reich Daniel is feeling sad after moving to a new house in a new town and he misses his friends in Toronto.  When he hears weird noises in his attic bedroom, he is a bit freaked out.  Then he realizes that the noises are coming from a bat – Megabat […]


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StargazingBy Jen Wang Christine comes from a strict Chinese-American family.  She plays the violin, goes to church and belongs to a Chinese language study group.  When Moon and her mother move in next door, Christine begins to open up and see the world in new ways.   Moon loves K-pop, dancing and having lots of fun!  […]

New Kid

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New KidBy Jerry Craft Jordan Banks is in grade 7 and has been sent to a new school.  But instead of going to art school, as he’d hoped, he is attending a very prestigious private school called Riverdale Academy Day School.    Jordan’s parents want the best for him, but he doesn’t exactly fit in […]

Fake Blood

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Fake BloodBy Whitney Gardner As Grade 6 begins, A.J. is feeling a little left behind.  His two best friends, Ivy and Hunter, have had amazing adventures throughout the summer, like bungee jumping and climbing to the top of Mount St. Helens.  A.J.’s summer consisted of reading 10 books and winning some cool shades from the […]

Harold & Hog Pretend for Real!

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Harold & Hog Pretend for Real!By Dan Santat Harold the elephant and Hog are best friends.  They can’t wait to pretend to be Elephant and Piggie!  But Harold is too carefree to be Gerald, and Hog is to careful to be Piggie.  What will they do?  When they suddenly get the idea to switch roles, […]

Just Jaime

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Just JaimeBy Terri Libenson Jaime and Maya have been friends forever, but lately they seem to be growing apart.  They’ve formed a group with Celia and Grace, but it seems to Jaime that the three other girls are subtly making fun of her.  She just doesn’t seem to fit anymore. For her part, Maya isfeeling […]

Bear Country: Bearly A Misadventure

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Bear Country: Bearly A MisadventureBy Doreen Cronin That crazy Chicken Squad is back with another mystery to solve.   This time, their caretaker, Barbara, is missing!  She hasn’t kept to her usual routine, and now she’s not home.  The Chicken Squad soon discovers that young Anna McClanahanahan’s hamster is missing too.  Then they get reports of […]

Front Desk

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Front DeskBy Kelly Yang Mia Tang and her parents have immigrated from China to California.  Although the Tangs had excellent jobs in China, they are struggling to find work in the United States.  When they land a job managing a motel, they think they’ve hit the jackpot.  The pay is good, the whole family can […]

Survivor Diaries: Avalanche!

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Survivor Diaries: Avalanche! By Terry Lynn Johnson Ashley and Ryan are twelve-year-old twins.  Both love to ski and have experience ski touring.  Although Ashley is a very competent skier, she is constantly trying to keep up with Ryan, who excels at everything.   When Ashley and Ryan separate from their parents on a ski trip, they […]