Tornado Brain

Tornado Brain

By Cat Patrick

Thirteen-year-old Frankie is different from the other kids in her life.  She can’t stand loud noises and doesn’t always understand social cues.  She’s been labelled “neurodivergent” – in other words, her brain works differently.  Frankie is also fascinated by tornadoes, hence the term “tornado brain”.

Frankie has always had two best friends – her twin sister Tess, and Colette.  But lately Tess and Colette haven’t wanted to hang out with her at all – they only want to be with mean Mia.  When Frankie overhears the three of them talking behind her back, she is devastated.

But everything changes when Colette goes missing.  Students from their middle school, including Frankie and Tess, are called to the police station to talk about the last time they saw Colette.  Both Frankie and Tess saw her on the night she went missing but have no idea where she went.

Although Frankie is mad at Colette, she desperately wants to help find her.  She begins to do some investigating herself and discovers some interesting details about Colette’s last known whereabouts.  She also finds clues in some of Colette’s recently-posted videos.  Frankie soon gets completely wrapped up in solving this mystery, and even puts herself and Tess in some danger to solve it.  Along the way she learns that she is a very capable human being and that sometimes, being different is a good thing.

Tornado Brain is a story about finding your own strengths.  It is also a story of friendship and a riveting mystery all rolled into one.

Highly recommended!