Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories  By R.J. Palaccio

Those of you who read Wonder will never forget Auggie – “the ordinary boy with the extraordinary face.”  Auggie’s face was the subject of both ridicule and redemption; his unusual appearance led to bullying and victimization, but also to deep friendships.

Auggie & Me is the continuation of Wonder.  Each story is told from the perspective of someone in Auggie’s life: Julian, the bully; Christopher, his oldest friend; and Charlotte, a classmate.  Each one of these characters has been touched by Auggie, and each struggles with how to deal with him.  

Can Julian come to terms with his nasty behaviour towards Auggie and become a better person?  Can Christopher continue to be friends with Auggie despite the social gulf that exists between Auggie and his other friends?  These questions and more are addressed in Auggie & Me.  Given our culture’s obsession with appearance and focus on anti-bullying, Auggie & Me is an interesting and timely follow-up to the original story.