Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair DayBy Sarah Mlynowski

Imagine having a magical mirror that allows you to cross over to all of your favourite fairy tales. You can walk through the mirror at midnight and play around in the fairy tale, you even have the power to change the story. This is number 5 in the Whatever After series; Bad Hair Day. Jonah and Abby have this secret magic mirror hidden in their basement, it takes them to Fairy Tale Land. Just knock on the frame three times and the fairy, Mary Rose, will let you in. This adventure takes the two into the tale of Rapunzel. These fractured fairy tales have humour, adventure and lessons to be learned. Abby and Jonah get into a bit of trouble and tangle this classic tale up, they need to make things right, but will they be able to? Find out by picking up a copy or listening to the audio book today!

This instalment is available in our junior series section and on audiobook from Hoopla.