Big Foot and Little Foot

Big Foot and Little FootBy Ellen PotterIllustrations by Felicita Sala

Hugo is a young Sasquatch who lives in the North Woods.  His home is in Widdershins Cavern, where a community of Sasquatches lives.  They have stores, a barber shop, a post office, and a school.

The Sasquatches enjoy leaving their cavern from time to time to go out in the Big Wide World, but they have to be careful – Sasquatches do not want to be seen by Humans.  After all, a Human might capture or hurt a Sasquatch.  Also, Humans stink – at least that’s what the Sasquatches think.

One day, when the Squidges (Sasquatch kids) are outside practicing their sneaking, Hugo sees a Human boy.  Instead of hiding, Hugo laughs and allows himself to be seen.  The boy doesn’t look dangerous, but Hugo’s teacher is livid.  Hugo has a note sent home to his parents and he is punished.

After that, Hugo feels pretty glum.  Wishing he could have an adventure, he sends his little toy boat out on the stream that runs through his bedroom.  Days later, to Hugo’s surprise, the boat returns with a toy inside.  And so begins an exchange of letters and then a friendship with a boy named Boone.

But when Hugo decides to leave the safety of his home to go looking for Boone, his adventure really begins.  Will he find him?  Can Hugo stay safe when he enters the world of humans?

Big Foot and Little Foot is a gentle story of friendship and adventure for two boys: one Sasquatch and one Human.  This early chapter book makes a great read-aloud too!