Constable & Toop

Constable & ToopBy Gareth P. Jones

Sam Toop is just a kid, but he’s the son of an undertaker and has been around death all his life.  Sam can also see ghosts, and London in the mid-1800s is filled with them.  Sam’s a Talker, and ghosts come to him for help with their unfinished business.

Sam doesn’t like being a Talker although he knows that most ghosts are harmless.  But when resident ghosts start to go missing in London, Sam knows something terrible is happening.  Not only that, but living people are being murdered too.  Now there’s a killer on the loose, and somehow he’s linked to the missing ghosts.

Not for the faint of heart, Constable & Toop doesn’t shy away from gruesome scenes, and the grim atmosphere of Victorian London permeates the book.  But if you like ghost stories and mysteries (and don’t mind being a little freaked out), you will love Constable & Toop.