Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package

Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected PackageBy Kate DiCamilloIllustrated by Chris Van Dusen

“Eugenia Lincoln was a practical person, a sensible person.  She did not have time for poetry, geegaws, whoop-de-whoops, or frivolity.” (p. 1)

When an unexpected package arrives, Eugenia’s world gets a little off-kilter.  Her sister, Baby, is thrilled.  Even the neighbours, Frank, Mrs. Watson and Mercy the pig, arrive to investigate the large box on Eugenia’s doorstep.  

Much to everyone’s surprise, the box contains an accordion.  No one in the house plays the accordion, making the instrument’s arrival even more mysterious.  Eugenia immediately makes plans to get rid of it – after all, she must have order!  An accordion that nobody plays will throw the house into chaos!

Eugenia places an ad in the newspaper to sell the accordion.  This leads to the arrival of Gaston, the accordion teacher.  After he practically forces Eugenia to play the instrument, strange things begin to happen.  Music, it seems, has a transformative effect.  Can it really soften Eugenia’s heart?

Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package is the latest installment in Kate DiCamillo’s hilarious Tales from Deckawoo Drive.  It’s perfect for early chapter book readers and makes a great read-aloud too!