Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon

Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoonby Kate DiCamillo

Fans of Mercy Watson and Leroy Ninker will love the latest in the Tales From Deckawoo Drive series.

Francine Poulet, an animal control officer who once had to capture Mercy, is the star of this adventure.  Both Francine’s father and grandmother were animal control officers and Francine is “the real deal”.  She is not afraid of anything.  But when she gets a call about a raccoon that screams people’s names, she meets her match.  

Francine’s heart is in her throat when the raccoon screams “Fraaaaaannnnyyy”, and she believes he really is a ghost.  Terrified, Francine withdraws from being an animal control officer.

Discover what brings Francine back to the job that is her calling.  Is Francine able to tame the ghost raccoon?  Will she get to enjoy some toast with butter with some of her friends?  

The ghostly raccoon that prowls around at night and screams can be a little frightening for sensitive children, but most will find it funny and very readable.  This is a great read-aloud for parents.