Fuzzy Mud

Fuzzy Mud By Louis Sachar

Tamaya attends Woodridge Academy, an exclusive private school.  She’s a good student, has good behaviour, and would never do anything to break the rules.  Tamaya has been walking to school with Marshall for several years, and both can be counted on to come straight home.

But when Chad Hilligas starts bullying Marshall, life for Tamaya is disrupted.  To avoid a fight with Chad, Marshall takes a new route home: through the woods.  Everyone knows the woods are off limits to students but Marshall is desperate.  Tamaya, having promised to stick with Marshall, enters the woods too.

The woods are more than they seem.  Tamaya notices that all the mud puddles are coated in fuzz.  She tries to be cautious around the fuzzy mud but when Chad turns up in the woods wanting to hurt both her and Marshall, she ends up in one of the puddles.  But Chad is in worse trouble: he gets completely coated in fuzzy mud.  Tamaya and Marshall escape Chad, but Chad does not go home that night and soon the school and the police are searching for him.  All of this eventually leads an investigation by the U.S. senate.

Touching on the subjects of bullying, standing up for yourself, helping those who are in trouble, and even pollution and environmental protection, Fuzzy Mud is a real page turner.  If you liked Holes, you’ll love Fuzzy Mud!