by Jason ReynoldsCastle Cranshaw, aka Ghost, has been running for a long time. Three years ago, his father tried to shoot Ghost and his mom. His father is now behind bars, and Ghost has a lot of anger issues that lead to him continually getting into trouble at school.His mom works long hours at a hospital cafeteria to try and make ends meet, and Ghost is bullied at school in part because of the fact he and his mom don’t have much money.  One day Ghost comes across a track team practicing, and he convinces the coach to let him run one race.  Much to everyone’s amazement, Ghost is fast. Like really fast. Coach agrees to let him be part of the team, as long as Ghost can stay out of trouble at school, and Ghost starts training with the team after school.Ghost has a lot of anger inside – will being part of a team help him find something to help work out his anger in a positive way?This is the first book in a planned series, with each book featuring one of the kids on the track team.